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Initiative tracker is a simple, straightforward, online initiative tracker for D&D or any game which uses a similar initiative system. Initiative tracker allows you to add creatures with associated webpages which appear in the display pane of the tool. The tool itself tracks initative and hp. It allows you to save your session and to build lists of players to quickly throw into combat. Enemies automatically have their initiatives rolled while for PCs you can either let the tool roll for you or enter the initiatives that the players rolled themselves.
Parsing Failed - There are three possible explanations:
  1. The page does not exist
  2. The page does not contain valid stats
  3. The page requires your to login to access it. Due to browser security restrictions such pages cannot be parsed normally. Firefox users can make use of the Initiative Tracker Helper Extension. This extension allows you to add any page to Initiative Tracker. Otherwise you will need to type in the stats by hand for such pages. Pages protected by login can be displayed in Initiative Tracker, but there are issues with cookies. See the help for more details.